Auduino Granular Synthesis – Part 2

After having an initial look at the Auduino project, I was very interested in finding out more about how it worked, but the Internet seems somewhat mute on the subject and I've not found any information from the original author.  If you know of such a link, be sure to let me know (at the … Continue reading Auduino Granular Synthesis – Part 2

Arduino MIDI Delay

As mentioned when I made my MIDI In-Out Half-Shield, there are some neat opportunities for MIDI related effects, so this is my MIDI delay implementation. This is marked "beginner" from the point of view of "just download the code and use it", but if you want to dig into the code it is really in … Continue reading Arduino MIDI Delay

Arduino R2R Digital Audio – Part 3

So this is where we start to get closer to some proper direct digital synthesis using the hardware developed in part 1 and moving on from the timer-driven code developed in part 2. In Arduino MIDI R2R Digital Audio I add MIDI. The essence of this project is to update the code so that rather … Continue reading Arduino R2R Digital Audio – Part 3

Arduino R2R Digital Audio – Part 2

Building on the Arduino R2R Digital Audio project, this uses the Arduino Timer functions to run our code in a more accurate and useful way.  I've now also added some potentiometers to my shield and a jack output socket. In Arduino R2R Digital Audio - Part 3 the code is developed further to support wavetable synthesis. These … Continue reading Arduino R2R Digital Audio – Part 2