Arduino MIDI R2R Digital Audio

With all the excitement of experimenting with Mozzi, I never really finished my R2R digital audio series.  This final part adds MIDI to the R2R shield I built in Arduino R2R Digital Audio – Part 3. Warning! I strongly recommend using an old or second hand keyboard for your MIDI experiments.  I am not responsible for … Continue reading Arduino MIDI R2R Digital Audio

Arduino R2R Digital Audio – Part 3

So this is where we start to get closer to some proper direct digital synthesis using the hardware developed in part 1 and moving on from the timer-driven code developed in part 2. In Arduino MIDI R2R Digital Audio I add MIDI. The essence of this project is to update the code so that rather … Continue reading Arduino R2R Digital Audio – Part 3

Arduino R2R Digital Audio – Part 2

Building on the Arduino R2R Digital Audio project, this uses the Arduino Timer functions to run our code in a more accurate and useful way.  I've now also added some potentiometers to my shield and a jack output socket. In Arduino R2R Digital Audio - Part 3 the code is developed further to support wavetable synthesis. These … Continue reading Arduino R2R Digital Audio – Part 2