Universal Synthesizer Panel – Helios One++

The next Arduino synthesizer I've been wanting to try out, so will get the Universal Synthesizer Panel treatment, is the Helios One Synthesizer by "Blog Hoskings" (Gary White), who has provided a very comprehensive build guide as well as details into how the code works.  Once again it is based on Mozzi and this is … Continue reading Universal Synthesizer Panel – Helios One++

Universal Synthesizer Panel – Auduino++

One of the reasons for creating my Universal Synthesizer Panel is to port over a range of different microcontroller based synthesizer engines to allow me to play with them without having to worry about building hardware.  In this post I return to my Auduino MIDI Granular Synthesis and add a few more features. https://youtu.be/XZ8dcSQfuus Warning! I strongly … Continue reading Universal Synthesizer Panel – Auduino++

Universal Synthesizer Panel – Introduction

I have a number of "off the shelf" synthesizer programs and sketches kicking around that I wanted a way to actually be able to do some proper "musical" playing with them.  Having them put together on breadboard and stripboard is all very well, but sometimes I want to be able just to load up the … Continue reading Universal Synthesizer Panel – Introduction

Vertical Modular Synthesizer “CD Rack Format”

I'm planning on building a series of MIDI synthesizer modules that will have a pretty simple means of hooking them together, but want something to house them. I also have a couple of IKEA CD racks kicking around that haven't been required for a while, and I also don't want to take up large chunks … Continue reading Vertical Modular Synthesizer “CD Rack Format”