Arduino USB MIDI Merge

This project uses two off-the-shelf Arduino shields to provide a USB and Serial MIDI merge to a single Serial MIDI OUT. Warning! I strongly recommend using old or second hand equipment for your experiments.  I am not responsible for any damage to expensive instruments! These are the key Arduino tutorials for the main concepts … Continue reading Arduino USB MIDI Merge

Ready-Made MIDI Modules

This page collects together any "ready to go" MIDI interfaces that I've used for any of my projects.  It will be updated as I discover and try new ones.  If you want to build your own, there are plenty of ideas on the Arduino MIDI Interfaces page. Note: I have no affiliation or interest in … Continue reading Ready-Made MIDI Modules

WS002 – MIDI In, MIDI Monitors and Effects

This second worksheet looks at projects related to receiving and processing MIDI messages, providing a single list of parts and a suggested "building order". This worksheet links together the following projects: Simple MIDI Monitor Simple MIDI Monitor - part 2 Arduino MIDI Note Monitor Arduino MIDI Channel Monitor Arduino MIDI Tone Module Arduino Multi MIDI … Continue reading WS002 – MIDI In, MIDI Monitors and Effects

Arduino MIDI VS1053 Synth – Part 2

I'm planning a use of the VS1053 shield but need to be able to pre-select which instruments to play and which channels to respond to.  This revisits the Arduino MIDI VS1053 Synth and adds that functionality. Warning! I strongly recommend using an old or second hand keyboard for your MIDI experiments.  I am not responsible for any … Continue reading Arduino MIDI VS1053 Synth – Part 2