MIDI, CircuitPython, CPX and Pi Pico

Inspired by my initial play with the Raspberry Pi Pico and MicroPython, I wanted to also see what I could do with both the Micro:bit and my Adafruit Circuit Playground Express MIDI-wise too.  Both are 3.3V boards and both can run a variant of MicroPython - either native or using the Adafruit version - CircuitPython. … Continue reading MIDI, CircuitPython, CPX and Pi Pico

WS003 – Drums and Touch

This is the next of my worksheets collecting together a number of related projects with a single list of parts and a suggested "building order".  This time all relating to touch interfaces or percussive projects. This worksheet links together the following projects: Arduino Relay Bolero Arduino MIDI Relay Drumkit Arduino MIDI Relay Servo Drumkit Instant … Continue reading WS003 – Drums and Touch