Arduino Light Mozzi Generator – Part 2

I've spent a fair bit of time playing with the Control_Echo_Theremin example and finally committed it to stripboard. I was originally aiming for a fully self-contained module, speaker and all, but after a day or so trying to find a simple amplifier that works well with a PWM output, I've put that on hold for … Continue reading Arduino Light Mozzi Generator – Part 2

Auduino Light Controller

For the last in this series about using Light Dependent Resistors (for now), I'm having another look at the Auduino Granular Synthesis project. These are the key Arduino tutorials for the main concepts used in this project: Arduino Analog Input Auduino Granular Synthesis If you are new to Arduino, see the Getting Started pages. Parts list Arduino … Continue reading Auduino Light Controller

WS001 – Tones, Notes and MIDI Out

This is the first of my worksheets collecting together a number of related projects with a single list of parts and a suggested "building order". This worksheet links together the following projects: Arduino Tone Generator Arduino Note Generator Simple Arduino Music Keyboard Arduino Simple MIDI Controller MIDI Patch Button Arduino LDR Pianola Arduino Piezo MIDI … Continue reading WS001 – Tones, Notes and MIDI Out