Arduino VS1003 Drum Machine

I picked up some cheap matrix button boards a while back and wanted to use them as some kind of MIDI controller, so linked up with the Arduino MIDI VS1003 Synth I thought I'd make a self-contained simple drum machine. Warning! I strongly recommend using old or second hand equipment for your experiments.  I … Continue reading Arduino VS1003 Drum Machine

Arduino Piezo MIDI Controller

This project uses piezo sensors to build a simple "drum" MIDI controller.  This is a relatively simple build, but there are a number of excellent examples of doing this "properly" out on the Internet. Here are some that are particularly great: Marco's DIY Percussion Kit. todbot's Arduino Drum MIDI drum kit. The YAMMI Drum with … Continue reading Arduino Piezo MIDI Controller

Arduino MIDI Relay Drumkit

This projects links up the ideas from the Arduino Relay Bolero and Arduino MIDI Tone Module projects to create a MIDI drumkit out of relays.  This builds on concepts we've already met in the above projects. In Arduino MIDI Relay Servo Drumkit the kit expands to include "servo cymbals". Warning! I strongly recommend using an old or … Continue reading Arduino MIDI Relay Drumkit