DIY MIDI Interfaces

This page is a mixture of beginner and advanced, DIY options covering MIDI in (receive), MIDI out (send), and USBMIDI to MIDI conversion for non-Arduino like microcontrollers. Here are some other pages of interest: Ready-Made MIDI Modules - a range of modules for "ready to go" MIDI IN and OUT for both 5V and 3V … Continue reading DIY MIDI Interfaces

MIDI In for 3.3V Microcontrollers

I have a number of microcontrollers now that use 3.3V logic: Raspberry Pi Pico Adafruit Feather Adafruit Circuit Playground Express BBC Micro:bit So far, I've look at MIDI OUT functionality, so now its time to look at MIDI IN, based on the circuit from my Simple MIDI Monitor.  This project shows how to build your … Continue reading MIDI In for 3.3V Microcontrollers

MIDI, CircuitPython, CPX and Pi Pico

Inspired by my initial play with the Raspberry Pi Pico and MicroPython, I wanted to also see what I could do with both the Micro:bit and my Adafruit Circuit Playground Express MIDI-wise too.  Both are 3.3V boards and both can run a variant of MicroPython - either native or using the Adafruit version - CircuitPython. … Continue reading MIDI, CircuitPython, CPX and Pi Pico