Arduino Analog Keypad Mozzi Synth

Back when I was messing about with LDRs I made the comment that there are many different kinds of sensors you could use to replace potentiometers in a synth.  Having now had a play with analog keypads, I thought they'd be a fun thing to try.  The conclusion - it works, but I'm still deciding … Continue reading Arduino Analog Keypad Mozzi Synth

Universal Synthesizer Panel – Helios One++

The next Arduino synthesizer I've been wanting to try out, so will get the Universal Synthesizer Panel treatment, is the Helios One Synthesizer by "Blog Hoskings" (Gary White), who has provided a very comprehensive build guide as well as details into how the code works.  Once again it is based on Mozzi and this is … Continue reading Universal Synthesizer Panel – Helios One++

Universal Synthesizer Panel – Auduino++

One of the reasons for creating my Universal Synthesizer Panel is to port over a range of different microcontroller based synthesizer engines to allow me to play with them without having to worry about building hardware.  In this post I return to my Auduino MIDI Granular Synthesis and add a few more features. Warning! I strongly … Continue reading Universal Synthesizer Panel – Auduino++

Analog Keypad Tone Controller

I've picked up a couple of cheap 3x4 keypads so thought I'd look at its potential as a music controller. Warning! I strongly recommend using old or second hand equipment for your experiments.  I am not responsible for any damage to expensive instruments! These are the key Arduino tutorials for the main concepts used … Continue reading Analog Keypad Tone Controller