There are three levels of project here on the site.  But if any of these project lists look too daunting at first go, then maybe take a look at one of the Worksheets as a starting point.

Each project list has been split into the following categories, although there may not always be a project at that level in every category.  Also, whilst I’ve tried to choose a single category for each project in the lists, in reality some of them straddle several categories.

Beginner Projects

These typically use relatively straightforward build and programming concepts and provide full explanations of the techniques used.

Intermediate Projects

These typically build on the knowledge provided in the beginner projects taking them further.  They may involve taking solderless breadboard designs from the beginner projects and soldering them onto stripboard or may start to introduce more complex programming or electronics ideas.

Advanced Projects

These typically focus on the project end goal rather than the learning points.  They will often involve more complex programming or build techniques, may use sophisticated software libraries or be fiddly to build.  Some are simply curious projects to try.