Arduino MIDI Logic Analyser

After having a few issues debugging the MIDI connection for my Multi-Mode MIDI Step Sequencer I started wondering about the possibility of building a simple Arduino-based tool to help debug MIDI serial links. I'm thinking something like a MIDI "logic analyser".  This is the result. Warning! I strongly recommend using old or second hand equipment … Continue reading Arduino MIDI Logic Analyser

Universal Synthesizer Panel – Part 6

This is the last part (for now) in a series of posts describing how I've approached building a "universal synthesizer panel" to house a range of microcontroller synthesis projects. In the first part, I detailed the general idea and overall design of the panel. In part 2 I built the IO panel. In part 3 … Continue reading Universal Synthesizer Panel – Part 6

Arduino Tone One Year On!

One year ago I posted the following two articles: Arduino Tone Generator Arduino Note Generator Shortly followed by an associated video on YouTube and so the Simple DIY Electronic Music Projects blog was born!  They were then followed by the Arduino MIDI Tone Module and many others since. So in honour of my one-year anniversary, … Continue reading Arduino Tone One Year On!

Universal Synthesizer Panel – Introduction

I have a number of "off the shelf" synthesizer programs and sketches kicking around that I wanted a way to actually be able to do some proper "musical" playing with them.  Having them put together on breadboard and stripboard is all very well, but sometimes I want to be able just to load up the … Continue reading Universal Synthesizer Panel – Introduction