Arduino VS1003 Drum Machine

I picked up some cheap matrix button boards a while back and wanted to use them as some kind of MIDI controller, so linked up with the Arduino MIDI VS1003 Synth I thought I'd make a self-contained simple drum machine. Warning! I strongly recommend using old or second hand equipment for your experiments.  I … Continue reading Arduino VS1003 Drum Machine

Arduino MIDI Relay Servo Drumkit

I wanted some alternative sounds to use with the Arduino MIDI Relay Drumkit so dug around in my bits box for some cheap servo motors.  These are very easy to control from an Arduino and make a sound that I decided would make a pretty good cymbal style sound to contrast with the relays as the … Continue reading Arduino MIDI Relay Servo Drumkit

Arduino MIDI Relay Drumkit

This projects links up the ideas from the Arduino Relay Bolero and Arduino MIDI Tone Module projects to create a MIDI drumkit out of relays.  This builds on concepts we've already met in the above projects. In Arduino MIDI Relay Servo Drumkit the kit expands to include "servo cymbals". Warning! I strongly recommend using an old or … Continue reading Arduino MIDI Relay Drumkit