Lo-Fi Orchestra – Jupiter from The Planets

Inspired by the legendary Tomita, the Lo-Fi Orchestra presents Jupiter from Gustav Holst’s Planets Suite.

There are 11 Arduino Nanos, 6 Arduino Unos, 1 Arduino Pro Mini, 1 Adafruit Feather 32u4, and a Raspberry Pi using the following projects from this site:

With a supporting cast of:

It was orchestrated using MuseScore3, exported to MIDI and “mucked about with” in MidiEditor, tested using MIDIOx and finally “conducted” by MIDIBar.

This has been programmed in from scratch from the original orchestral score and the composer’s own arrangement for two pianos.

You can also listen to Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn if you wish.

All music rights and copyright with original authors, composers, producers, artists, and so on.


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