Lo-Fi Orchestra – Jupiter from The Planets

Inspired by the legendary Tomita, the Lo-Fi Orchestra presents Jupiter from Gustav Holst's Planets Suite. There are 11 Arduino Nanos, 6 Arduino Unos, 1 Arduino Pro Mini, 1 Adafruit Feather 32u4, and a Raspberry Pi using the following projects from this site: On brass: Arduino Multi MIDI Tone Module. On high wind: Arduino MIDI R2R Digital Audio … Continue reading Lo-Fi Orchestra – Jupiter from The Planets

Arduino MIDI Filter – Revisited

This is a minor update to my Arduino MIDI Filter to allow it initialise patches as well as filter MIDI if required. Warning! I strongly recommend using an old or second hand keyboard for your MIDI experiments.  I am not responsible for any damage to expensive instruments!. These are the key Arduino tutorials for the main … Continue reading Arduino MIDI Filter – Revisited

SAMD USB MIDI Multi-Pot Mozzi Synthesis

When I left my Trinket USB MIDI Multi-Pot Mozzi Synthesis – Part 3 I had the following: Mozzi synthesis on the Trinket M0 board (that uses the SAMD21 Cortex M0+ processor core at 48MHz). Four note polyphony. USB device functionality - it can be controlled via MIDI over USB from a PC. USB host functionality - … Continue reading SAMD USB MIDI Multi-Pot Mozzi Synthesis

Lo-Fi Orchestra – Sky Toccata

The Lo-Fi Orchestra presents the Sky interpretation of Bach's Toccata in D minor (BWV595), first released on their Sky 2 album back in 1980. The famous opening features the newly configured "triangle wave" of the Arduino Multi-pot Mozzi FM Synthesis.  As you might expect there is also a strong presence from the guitar and bass from … Continue reading Lo-Fi Orchestra – Sky Toccata

Lo-Fi Orchestra – March to the Scaffold

The Lo-Fi Orchestra presents The March to the Scaffold. This is the fourth movement from the Symphony Fantastique by Hector Berlioz, describing a dream whereby an artist thinks they have killed their lover and are now being marched to their execution! The Arduino MIDI Relay Servo Drumkit provide the military accompaniment, to the Arduino Multi MIDI Tone … Continue reading Lo-Fi Orchestra – March to the Scaffold

Lo-Fi Orchestra – Dance of the Tumblers

The Lo-Fi Orchestra presents the Dance of the Tumblers from the opera The Snow Maiden, by Rimsky-Korsakov. You can hear the whole orchestra in performance, but not the use of the Adafruit Feather MIDI, Music and LEDs as the triangle and later on the Arduino MIDI Relay Servo Drumkit. https://youtu.be/aXZjcAb5nzE All music rights and copyright with … Continue reading Lo-Fi Orchestra – Dance of the Tumblers

Arduino MT-32 Program Changer

One thing that I always found slightly annoying with my MT-32 Synth Module, and something I thought would be a nice addition for my MT-32 Pi, was a two-knob voice selector.  This project uses an Arduino Nano to create one to send Program Change messages over MIDI to an MT-32. https://youtu.be/JhuPMa-xiNM Warning! I strongly recommend … Continue reading Arduino MT-32 Program Changer

Vintage Phone USB MIDI Controller

This is the USB MIDI controller version of the Vintage Phone MIDI Controller.  As the USB MIDI support is much easier in CircuitPython than MicroPython, this is also a version of the keypad controller code for CircuitPython too. Warning! I strongly recommend using old or second hand equipment for your experiments.  I am not responsible for … Continue reading Vintage Phone USB MIDI Controller