Introducing the Arduino Lo-Fi Orchestra!

I’ve been wanting to do something that combined a number of these projects for a while, so in celebration of reaching (and now surpassing) 50 project posts (update: now over 100 – I celebrated with canons!), I am pleased to introduce the Arduino Lo-Fi Orchestra!

Or browse them by (loose) musical genre:

Update January 2021: The Lo-Fi Orchestra now has its own Facebook Page!

Join here:

About the Lo-Fi Orchestra

The following principles have guided me in putting this together:

  • It must use the projects as they appear on this site (although there have been a few updates as a consequence of putting it all together).
  • They are striving for “something someone else could reproduce simply and cheaply” rather than aiming for audio quality.
  • There is no video production or particular mechanical polish – see the point above! (also this isn’t really my thing).
  • I’m not trying to create a generic MIDI file player – the programming is by me and where appropriate I’ve simplified the music to give the Arduino a fighting chance!
  • Its a bit of fun and something I hope to be able to sling some more MIDI arrangements at in the future too.

And of course, throughout, the standard warning applies (I might have killed an amp in the making of this orchestra…)!

So without further ado, I give you –

All coming together to close with Eclipse by Pink Floyd.

Supporting cast:

Extras: Roland UM-One, mixers, amp, leads and power.

Conducted by an old PC running MIDIBar from

MIDI programming by me via notation in MuseScore.

All music rights and copyright with original authors, composers, producers, artists, and so on.


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