Having experimented with the Hobbytronics USBMIDI device, I always wanted to see if it was possible to build my own using an Arduino. And it turns out to be a lot simpler than I expected, as least to use the USBMIDI keyboard for MIDI OUT to another device. Warning! I strongly recommend using an old or … Continue reading Simple USB-MIDI to MIDI

Arduino MIDI Channel Monitor – Part 2

I liked the way my Arduino MIDI Channel Monitor turned out so much that I decided to tidy it up and commit it to stripboard after all and I'm pretty pleased with the results. In the video you can see the LED for channel 10 lighting up when the drums are played and the LED … Continue reading Arduino MIDI Channel Monitor – Part 2

Arduino Piezo MIDI Controller

This project uses piezo sensors to build a simple "drum" MIDI controller.  This is a relatively simple build, but there are a number of excellent examples of doing this "properly" out on the Internet. Here are some that are particularly great: Marco's DIY Percussion Kit. todbot's Arduino Drum MIDI drum kit. The YAMMI Drum with … Continue reading Arduino Piezo MIDI Controller

Arduino USB MIDI VS1053 Synth

This project builds on the Arduino MIDI VS1053 Synth but introduces a neat little module  from that lets you use a range of USB MIDI controllers with the Arduino. Warning! I strongly recommend using an old or second hand keyboard for your MIDI experiments.  I am not responsible for any damage to expensive instruments! These … Continue reading Arduino USB MIDI VS1053 Synth